• Citizen Science

    • Sea Watchers
      Mediterranean citizen science portal by which people in contact with the sea can share their observations and experience regarding changing phenomena in this environment, which is useful for various marine research projects.
    • Natusfera
      Natusfera is an adaptation of iNaturalist developed by CREAF and Bineo Consulting, where you can upload your fauna and flora pictures to share it with the community.
    • Marduino, my buoy, our data and the sea
      A project for measuring the sea water transparency in a collaborative way.
    • Citclops
      Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring
      Observatori Ciutadà per al seguiment de la costa i l’oceà
    • The great eggcase hunt project
      The project quickly developed with the aim of getting as many people as possible out hunting for eggcases and recording their finds. Empty eggcases can help indicate species presence and diversity