Plàncton is not just a company, but a dynamic life project and our concerns about the protection, conservation and management of sea and coastal environments form the foundations of the projects, educational services, and technical studies we offer.


Our team members offer a balanced and complementary range of skills, knowledge and abilities. We all have university and post-graduate studies, and have continued our professional training with courses in the fields of scientific and environmental communication, diving, professional sailing, social networks, out-of-school education and activity camps, fund-raising, and the management of projects and organizations.


Many years of participation with associations and voluntary groups has also given us experience in preparing projects related to environmental issues, finding funding for them, and carrying them out. For example, we are members of the Catalan Scientific Communication Association and the European Marine Science Educators Association as well as other similar bodies.


We work anywhere in Catalonia but our main focus is on the Tarragona coastline and more specifically the Terres de l’Ebre region. Home is where the heart is, and from our company’s base here we aim to explain the beauty and importance of every corner of this special yet relatively-unknown stretch of the Mediterranean coastline – encouraging everyone from school children and town mayors to tuna fish-farmers and tourists to find out more about marine ecosystems and how to protect them. Growing Up del Consell Comarcal del Baix Ebre en l’edició 2015 com una de les empreses amb potencial de creixement de la comarca.


To carry out the innovative Blue Schools project, we have incorporated two new members into our team who have the same keen enthusiasm for science education as we all do. One of the tasks they carry out is the role of Marine Science Assistants for Blue Schools. Auxiliars de Ciències del Mar als Instituts.


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Eli Bonfill

Co-founder of Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins

Degree in Marine Science, Master’s degree in Marine Science, and currently studying a Master’s degree in Science Communication. Eli is an oceanographer and communicator whose adventurous spirit means she could happily spend all day with her snorkel tube and goggles discovering the coves and bays of the Mediterranean coast. She has also worked for over 20 years as an educator and instructor at youngsters’ activity camps.

Aurora Requena

Co-founder of Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins

Degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Marine Science. Although she comes from inland, far away from the coast, Aurora has always been passionate about the sea and concerned for the conservation of the marine environment. She has also worked for over 15 years as an environmental educator.

Past members:

Maria Toldrà

Marine Science Assistant

Degree in Marine Sciences, Master’s degree in Aquaculture. She has worked for over 10 years in aquaculture sector. Passionate by research and aquaculture production, but also by dissemination of it.

Paula Ordoñez

Marine Science Assistant

Degree in Biology, Master’s degree in Marine Biology: biological diversity and conservation. She has worked in marine ecology projects, e environmental education projects and also socioeconomic studies about marine reserves.

Javier Guallart

Marine Science Assistant

Degree in Biology. Freelance researcher and teacher. He has studied several marine topics as deep-sea sharks, species conservation, marine protected areas and fisheries biology. freelance, ha treballat temes marins tan diversos com l’estudi de taurons de profunditat, la conservació d’espècies i àrees marines protegides, i diversos aspectes de biologia pesquera.

Arnau Olesti

Graphic and website designer

Degree in Audiovisuals Communication and Multimedia. He has worked on different projects of corporate image design, publishing design and motion graphics animation. motion graphics.

Alba Domingo

Graphic and website designer, illustrator

Graduated on Illustration at Escola d’art i Disseny de Tarragona, and Design and digital creation at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She works on illustration projects and commissions, always looking for an idea to translate it into an image. She's also exploring other forms of artistic expression through drawing. Illustration teacher.